Friday, April 27, 2012

NY Beauty Block 3

I'm behind a week with my NY Beauty QAL but I finally squeezed in some sewing time to do it. I didn't use the tutorial that was used on this block because it was pieced a totally different way that I've been doing it so far. The tutorial also didn't have any dimensions to cut the fabric so I had to measure and figure out my own way. I was very cautious the way I measured my squares because I want to be able to have enough of this fabric to finish. For anyone else that is contemplating doing this block I measured the height and width of the points and added at least 1/4" all the way around. This seemed to work well for me. On the smaller points near the end I used scraps since they were such tiny points. Of course no sewing can get done without ripping apart some seams or starting over and I did have to do that a few times. This is a learning curve for me and I'm plugging right along. So here is NY Beauty Block 3.

In other news I've been honored to win a few more fabric bundles from other bloggers. The beautiful Denyse Schmidt fabric came from Deborah of  Simply Miss Luella. I love all those pieces and can't wait to be able to make something for our cottage with these colors. They will be perfect. Thanks Deborah!

Next up I was lucky to be an unpected 3rd pick by Pauline of Quilt 'n Queen. She had a great tutorial of aprons on Sew We Quilt using tea towels. So this beautiful Moda Fabric called Pastel Plaid and Hideaway will be an apron using her tutorial. Thanks Pauline!

This next package arrived completely unexpected. Weeks earlier I had won scraps of fabric from Lynne of  Kansas Troubles Quilters and her line of Sandhill Plums by Moda. There was a lot of fabric that arrived in the mail so when more fabric arrived I was beyond thrilled. I already know I'm going to be doing some sort of patchwork quilt to use up all the different sizes of fabric that I have. I want to be able to measure all these scraps and make sure I use all of them. Thanks Lynne!

I'm loving my new job as an aide to pre-schoolers. My afternoons are flying by and there have been some days that I'm working a different program in the morning. Needless to say I'm wiped by the end of the day. So with 8 weeks left of school I'm not counting on getting much sewing done except for finishing up the NY Beauties. 

Have a Great Day and since it's Friday also a Great Weekend!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

NY Beauty Block 6

The pictures are way to dark when I took this even though the sun was still out so you'll have to see purple and white not black and white. This block went together so well. I can see I'm starting to run low on my leftover material from my girls dresses that I'm so hoping I can get these done. We only have 4 blocks more to go.

All my seams have come together without a flaw and the points look really good. I can honestly say I'm improving on this technique. Here's all the blocks that I've done so far.

In other news we spent our Easter at our cottage in Northern Michigan. It was so nice to be able to get away and know that in 4 weeks we'll be putting the dock in the water. The lake was so peaceful and calm.

I have so many projects in my head that I'd like to start and I'm hoping I can find the time to get to them. I took a job that is 3 hours a day being a Parapro for Autistic Impaired Pre-Schoolers, so hopefully I can find the time to sew some in the morning. It's raining in Michigan today but the sun is supposed to come out and the temperature is supposed to rise to almost 80 degrees. Summer is coming!

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

NY Beauty Catch Up

I've been a paper piecing fool! For 3 days straight I've been playing catch up to get caught up with the NY Beauty QAL. Since work and family life has occupied my time I needed to get to my sewing machine pronto before I got even farther behind. Since I'm technically doing each block 4 times it took me almost 2 days just to cut and sew. I decided early on since I had so many blocks to do that I'd just get all the paper piecing done first and then put the blocks together. I didn't want to take the time to keep switching my needles and stitch lengths everytime I got a block done.

This is Block 1. At first I was going to add a solid as the 2nd color. I made all of the pieces with the 2nd color to finally come to the conclusion I'd rather keep it a 2 color block - white and my purple print. So I technically had to go back and start over on the piecing. I'm glad I did because it makes the blocks more elegant looking without the 2nd color thrown into the mix.

This is Block 7. Loved this block with sharpness of the long wedges. By this time I'd already done so much paper piecing that I didn't have to think as much how I was laying the fabric on the paper.

Finally Block 8. I really am loving paper piecing! I love my color choices and how they are coming together. My blocks aren't lining up exactly but since I've never done anything quite like this before I'd say I'm doing pretty good. I'm hoping that once I'm finally done and able to quilt it, no one will ever notice the imperfections.

Last but not least is that my mailman, Jim, has been filling my mailbox with prizes that I've won. The first package to arrive were lovely scraps from Lynne of Kansas Troubles Quilters and their fabric line Sugarhill Plums by Moda. I love these scraps and I'm looking forward to making some sort of scrap quilt. The next time Jim arrived I jumped for joy because Fresh Fabric Treats and Modern Blocks arrived from  Angela of Angela Yosten (sounds like I'm on a first name basis and I really am not). She was also kind enough to autograph the pages that she has a project in. I've been pouring over these books trying to figure out what to do first. I should just start at the first one and work my way through the book (not a bad idea).

Then there was the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop Party that alot of blogs were participating in. I won 3 prizes from 3 different bloggers. To go along with my paper piecing frenzy arrived a Carolina Lily Tissue Paper Foundations pattern from Kathy at Quilted Solutions. I'm looking forward to this pattern. Then Diane at Brasier House sent me not 1 but 2 Charm Packs and 2 1/3 yd. pieces of fabric of Reunion from Sweetwater. Yeah me was all I could think of since I've been loving that fabric line since I first saw it. Today Jim brought me a nice layer cake of Farmer's Market by Brannock & Patek by Moda from Debbie at Tis The Season To Be Quilting. I've never owned any "designer" fabric before and now I have 3 different pieces and I'm so thrilled to be able to make something beautiful with these lovely fabrics. Thanks everyone!

To bad all that luck I was having didn't win me the Mega Millions Lottery but I'll take the $2 instead. So off to get some things accomplished since we're on Spring Break and really haven't done anything.

Have a Great Day!
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