Friday, March 2, 2012

St. Patrick's Dresden Plate Tablerunner

Thought I'd finally try my hand at what the quilting world calls a Dresden Plate with scraps of fabric. I also had an 8ft. white table runner I had purchased from Pottery Barn years ago from a girls weekend at the outlet mall for real cheap. I cut the table runner in half and made two out of the one. I even mitered the corners to match all the way around.

I used 5" blades (that's what they call the individual pieces) to make my Dresden. I then used a trick I had seen on the Internet to make my circle. I actually sewed two pieces together, cut a slit in one of the pieces and turned it inside out. This worked so much better than folding in the edge to make the applique. I then straight stitched all around the edge onto my table runner and blanket stitched the center.

I ended up making two plates for each end of my table runner. I'm using it for St. Patrick's Day but my daughter informed me we can use it at Christmas too. I've made a couple of table runners using other techniques for Christmas already that I haven't blogged about but she made a great point.

I love it! I have it here on my dining room table but I have officially moved it to the buffet where I don't have to worry about anyone messing it up at dinner. I have another idea for another table runner that I saw on Pinterest so I'll have to try that next. It's a birthday one and since my middle daughter's birthday is next month I better get moving.

Have a Great Day!


Celtic Thistle said...

Judy, it is lovely. You are so organised to have your St Patrick's day decoration sorted already! I will be in Dublin the week before so might have to resort to picking something up there instead :)

Connie said...

Looks beautiful! You are now ready for St. Patrick's Day!!

felicity said...

Lovely and festive! Good call on putting it on the buffet. Now you can enjoy it stress-free!

Kate said...

That turned out so cute :-)

Wendy said...

Dresden plates are awesome in any color but I really like your greens! Love your blog name too!

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