Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Purple Bag

The story behind this bag is this. We went to the North American Auto Show this year and I grabbed some free bags from a foreign auto company. (On my behalf I tried to get some American bags but they didn't have any left.) We won't name the company on this bag because my husband wasn't to happy that I would be parading this bag in public. As a matter of fact when he did go to the store with me those bags did not leave the back of my van. In my blog hopping and saving of patterns I found this bag by Denyse Schmidt. Hope means alot to us in the "Motor City". Hope for a recovery for the auto industry and Hope for our Michigan and it's record job loss. The bag design is my own using handy dandy newspapers as my pattern pieces. The only thing I took from the other bag is the letters. Of course I had some Sew.Rip.Repeat. moments on this bag. The most obvious is the top. When it came time to put the handles on the bag I had no room. They went right into the letters which isn't a good thing. I had to add another piece of fabric to the top so my lettering wouldn't be covered.
Since I was putting something on the front I decided I needed a pocket on the other side. I took scraps from the fabric on the front and ruffled some strips to put on the pocket.

All in all I'm very pleased with my new bag. I have some light blue duck cloth to make another one. This time I'll make the bag taller so I don't have the same problem as this one. Since I have an embroidery machine it's high time I put an embroidery on the front. The biggest praise you can get from something you made is when your 15 year old daughter wants something that you made! Will she get it - I don't know yet - we'll see.


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