Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation Flag

My oldest daughter is graduating soon. Her school was selling cardboard signs to place in your yard that said "Proud Parent . . . " but I proscratinated so long that they sold out of them before I could buy one. I really wanted people to know how proud we were of her so I thought of what I could do so the neighbors knew she was finally graduating. I finally decided to sew a flag. I used an old flag as my baseline for the width and height of the new flag. The school colors are blue and white and decided that a white flag with blue letters would be perfect. I started with a graduation cap that my husband enlarged at work. It wasn't large enough so I had to extend the measurements and redraw it. I decided I really wanted it to show on both sides so I cut out the black nylon. I then regular stitched all around the cap and cut out the white nylon on the other side. With that done I was able to satin stitch all around the cap.
For the blue lettering I wanted to go with the same concept but after looking at the size of the letters I knew that was not going to happen. I then decided to just place the letters on both sides and then satin stitch around without cutting out the white nylon. After 3 letters it just did not look good at all. I was stumped on what I wanted to do. I finally decided that I would just regular stitch all around the letters and be done with it.
I'm really pleased with the end result. My 2 other children are already putting in their requests for theirs! The only thing I would do different is make sure my letters are exactly the same. When the sun shines exactly right and you're staring at the flag you can see the other side where the letters are alittle off. I decided that small problem wasn't going to deter me. I love how it turned out and my graduate is so excited to have anyone driving by see her great accomplishment.


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