Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Outside Chair Redo

First of all it's been month's since I've posted anything. I've been working alot more than I usually do and haven't had the time. It doesn't mean I haven't been busy doing things because I have - it's just that I've been scattered all over the map on projects and it's time I started to focus. So . . . . .

We've been going to the thrift stores in our neighborhood on Saturdays looking for some sort of something, anything! A few months ago my eye caught 2 ugly looking outside chairs.
My husband walked right by these and I had to lure him back. He didn't see anything special about these two! Finally he gave in saw my vision and for $3 each we brought 2 chairs home.
The finish was more of a moldy gray, green color with a rough finish. I took them out on our back porch and gave them a really good scrubbing. We went to the local Home Depot and decided that we wanted to spray them black.

I then ran drove to my favorite Kohl's to finish off my vision of the chairs. I really wanted red cushions and found exactly what I was looking for at Kohl's. They were 50% off and I had Kohl's cash so they were only $10 each. Our weather in the Midwest was not cooperating and they stayed in their bags for months. Everyone thought I was nuts not putting them out but I wanted them to stay nice for as long as possible.

We had white wicker chairs with a table between them for a long time and removed them from the porch except for the table. The table just wasn't doing it all white next to my black and red. So that got a new coat of paint as well.

Put them all together and you get a porch that looks inviting and ready to sit and visit.
I love the look and added some pillows that I made, but that will have to wait for another post. It's so nice to finally see warmer weather!

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