Monday, October 1, 2012


I have been sewing but not anything quilting related. I've been sewing for my daughter. I haven't sewn for my children since they were little and I was making Halloween costumes and matching Christmas outfits. It felt so good watching her come downstairs to see the pieces of fabric turn into a beautiful dress.
This was our inspiration: Simplicity Pattern 3878 by Jessica McClintock. Her choice in color was teal. We both decided all the roses that are glued/sewed onto the dress just was not going to be her. She wanted sparkle and glitter. We found the tulle that had glitter all over it and let me tell you that stuff gets everywhere! We've had glitter all over house!

The pattern was pretty much very easy to use. I found I had a few questions on how the pattern read when doing the bodice but I quickly figured it out. I had more of a hard time with the fabric being so shiny and slippery that I really had to go slow and take my time. There is boning in the dress and I will say there has to be a better way for that to fit. If I had time I would have torn it out and thought of something better. It kept twisting and as much as it bothered me in the end it didn't bother her.

Instead of rosettes and the bow on the dress I decided to try my hand at a fabric flower. They are everywhere and I've never tried one before. I mixed the satin and tulle on a 2 1/2" circle. It was exactly what we were looking for and it made the dress.

She loved the dress! Homecoming was a success and she said she danced the night away. She has a group of friends that she's had since elementary and they are a tight group of kids. They had a wonderful dinner at of the friends house where they all got dressed together afterwards. Of course as the proud mom there were tons of pictures but my favorite would have to be the one my girlfriend took of her. It's my favorite!

I'm now back to the sewing room but this time for costumes for the fall play of "Spamalot" for my son's drama class. I guess that's what happens when you sew and no one else does. Wish me luck because this is way out of my comfort zone.
Have a Great Day!


FeltByRae said...

Oh, so very beautiful, both the dress and your daughter - you must be so proud of her :)

Shannon said...

The dress is lovely and your daughter looks so beautiful! I'm glad she had a good time! My favorite part is the fabric flower- I think it looks so much better than the funny roses in the pattern picture. I feel you about that glitter tulle too- I bought some to try on a project (didn't wind up using it) but kept finding glitter all over my cutting mat. Very annoying!

Pam said...

What a beautiful dress, finished off perfectly with the fabric flower. Your daughter looks fabulous!!! I've never used boning... sounds difficult.

Stephanie Granite said...

Beautiful dress! Your daughter looks great in it!

Celtic Thistle said...

A real belle of the ball! You are brave tackling slippery, shiny fabric with a deadline :) Good luck with the Spamalot costumes, they should be much easier in comparison!

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