Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! What a day it's going to be to be working in a kindergarten classroom today. Twenty-six children are so excited to pass out their valentines and have a party with their new friends. Here at the home front we'll be celebrating low key with a nice dinner out. We'll also be celebrating the start of our winter break and definitely wishing our record breaking snow will start to melt! It will be nice to be home next week and work on some more of my Swoon blocks.

Today I'm showing lots of little 1-1/2" HST's to make-up this heart lap quilt. There are three 9" blocks plus I added sashing all the way around to make it 30" square. I used 4 different shades of reds and pinks that I had in my stash.

V and Co. made a quilt last year with her ombre fabric line. I loved it! I needed to make my own but with only a small amount of fabric in my stash I had to make a smaller version. My goal was a table topper but it just didn't look quite right on the table.
I straight-lined quilted the entire quilt. I still need a lot of practice getting the stitch length to be consistent and the width of each row the same. To my family they will never notice and that's all that matters to me.
 My heart table topper is now hanging in my living room. I smile every time I walk in the door and see it. I might have to keep it up for awhile since outside is covered in the white stuff. Below is a picture of the Great Lakes nearly frozen over for the first time in over 20 years. It's a beautiful picture!
[Photo by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration]

Happy Valentine's Day!




Celtic Thistle said...

Your heart mini is lovely Judy, no wonder it brings a smile to your face when you see it.

The sea used to freeze over every winter in Latvia, it was wonderful to see but not so wonderful to live by :)

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