Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pillow Blankets

Just wanted to share the Christmas gifts I made for my nieces. I knew they would be the perfect recipients of these fleece Pillow Blankets.

I went to my local Joann's and bought 2 1/2 yards of fleece in different colors of purple. All 3 of them have their rooms painted a shade of purple. I wanted the  pillows to not only hold the blanket part but have a zipper so they could put whatever treasurers that they take to sleepovers could hide.

I was quite impressed with myself on how well I put that invisible zipper in. It took alot of Sewing, Ripping and Repeating over and over again before my brain had the ah ha moment. The Pillow Blanket is really just made up of a piece of fleece with a rectangle pocket in the middle and on the bottom.

To finish off the blanket's edges I didn't want to hand stitch around them using a wide blanket stitch. I knew by hemming the edges it would make them to bulky so I ended up serging all around with my serger. Next time I'll make the thread color match the fleece to hide the stitching but all in all it still looks great!

To insert the blanket part into the pillow can get a little tricky but once you finally have the knack at doing it, it is second nature. Fold the blanket twice. Line up with the edge of the pocket, then fold the opposite side over that. The opening of the pocket needs to be facing down when folding.

Flip the pillow over and start folding (twice) into the pocket. Takes practice - trust me! For the girls I appliqued their first initial with the fleece from one of their sister's blankets. I loved the way they stood out.

Cute, practical and fun to snuggle in all wrapped into one! Now I should make some for us.
Have a great day, it's cold outside!


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