Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whirling Star

Remember my first attempt at the Ribbon Star Block from Faith over at Fresh Lemon Quilts? Well I've moved on to the Whirling Star Quilt Block. I'm still using fabric that I purchased at Joann's from a series called "Sunny Collection". I think my new favorite color choices are yellow and gray - LOVE!

The Whirling Star consisted of paper piecing fabric to what else - paper. Being someone who's never made quilt blocks before this was quite a challenge. I needed to use a 90/14 needle so it would perforate the paper so when the time came for me to remove the paper it could be done easier. I also needed to adjust my stitch length on my machine to 1.4. I have all these notes above my sewing area because a true 1/4" on my machine is a stitch width of 3.0 and my needle needs to be mirror imaged for it to move. Crazy! Since it takes so much concentration for me to think, cut and then sew (I did have to rip out my small sample piece) I didn't take any pictures of this process. Maybe next time. So without further adieu, here is my rendition of the Whirling Star Block.

For a first-timer I think all non-quilters would ohhhh and ahhhh over my block. From a distance the points look pretty darn good. Obviously this is a learned skill that I haven't even cracked the surface yet - but I will. So for a refresher here are the 2 quilt blocks together.

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