Monday, February 14, 2011

Coupons = Money

I've been trying to save some moulah for the last year. Trust me I love spending money on all my craftiness projects but since I work part time there are more important things I should be spending money on. I discovered coupons and who'd a thought that I would become addicted. Yesterday I needed wanted to make a fast trip to Riteaid and Meijer. I knew they were both advertising specials that if you bought this item they would return the favor and give you the same amount back. So in my morning of bargains I spent $106 worth of merchandise, I paid $15 in cash out of pocket and then they paid me in their money for use at their store $27. Woolah! I wish I thought of taking a picture but obviously I didn't. Some highlights of what I bought were: 6 Gain Fabric Softeners, 3 Dove Deodorants, 2 Dixie Plates, Shampoo, Hot Dogs, CFL Light Bulbs and more odds and ends. If I didn't save this much money I never would have believed it - do you coupon? Have a great day!


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