Monday, February 21, 2011

A New Machine

I got a new machine! It is a Husqvarna/Viking Huskylock s15 Overlock/Serger.
My reasoning behind this major purchase is so it will make reupholstering our livingroom sofa so much easier. We already reupholstered our two chairs in that room and the fabric threads were all over the place. They were in the diningroom where I cut the fabric, in the livingroom where I measured and then all over the garage where the real work began. I zig zag stitched a lot of it but what a pain that was. To be honest I really know nothing about sergers. I know what kind of stitches that they use but I have no clue as to how to thread, sew and just plain use the darn thing. After I made room for this baby, I studied and read the manual. I finally had to get a piece of paper out just to take notes. I have no clue as to what a stitch finger, thread unreeling disks, thread overlock converter, differential speed and even upper/lower loopers are. Loopers – is that a word?
At least I do know where all these things are that came with my Husky and even where they are on the machine. What I really wanted was to jump right in and sew something so I started to thread. I didn’t know there was an order to threading a serger. What I thought was a complete success considering I followed the directions exactly, didn't turn out to good. Where were my loops? It was time to insert the disk that came with the machine. I reworked my green, blue, red and yellow threads. Same thing – sugar! Off to the sewing store I go in the newly released Weather Advisory. “Blue goes over green” she says, “that’s why it’s not looping”.
Come home, look at my machine, look at the video once more and try it. Halleluiah Success! Time to serge!


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