Monday, February 13, 2012

Blocks, Blocks and more Blocks

I've accomplished some more blocks for the Sew Happy Geek Quilt Along. Have I told you how much fun I'm having - I'm having fun! My husband asked me a few days ago what are you going to do with all of these . . . I have no clue is my answer. I'm learning and besides I figure it keeps me busy during the day when I'm not working. First up let me show you the Flying Geese Pinwheel Block.

I said I didn't like the white fabric with the blues, red and blacks but I must admit defeat when I say that fabric turned out great in this block. Instead of solid red I found this scrap piece of fabric that I had and used this. Makes my head a little dizzy sometimes looking at it because I literally can see the Pinwheel moving. The black fabric was an after thought and I'm so glad I stuck it in. The next block was the Fireflies Block.

The color choices on these blocks amaze me. I'm a very conservative person and using bright reds with black and white is really out of my comfort zone. I've been so lucky with the way these blocks are turning out. I must double check my measuring 5 times before I cut and then another 5 times to make sure I'm sewing the right pieces together. All my points are matching up and nothing looks out of place. Last block is called the Diamond Peek A Boo Block.

I wasn't to sure about the color choices that I made on this block, but once I took the picture I noticed how it just came together so well. I'm starting to get excited about finishing up the rest of the blocks to see how it is going to look all put together. Where it will go and who it will be for is anybody's guess.

Have a Great Day!


Celtic Thistle said...

Your blocks are looking great Judy, I really love your Fireflies block, those fireflies mean business!

Connie said...

What beautiful blocks! I think you are hooked on quilting now!
Quilting by the River

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