Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still working on blocks

I'm still plugging along on my blocks that I've commited to doing for Quilt Along's. Remember these: here and here. These blocks are the ones I've been doing over at Sew Happy Geek. We're getting to the end of the quilt along,  then the hard part will be what to do with these squares. That's when I need to start practicing some Free Motion Quilting - eek! Onto the blocks since I've had these done since they first came out but I haven't posted about them yet.

The block above is called the Churn Dash Redux. Love how those red and black triangles are working. They just POP!

The last block I've finished so far is the HST Diamond. That red in the middle reminds of something that I should be staring at and it will change into something. It doesn't but it certainly looks like it could! I can't believe how just scraps of fabric that I've had laying around for years is turning into some beautiful blocks.

The last 2 blocks are the Quatra Star Foundation/Paper Pieced Block and a Dresden. Jenna has even made a video for the Quatra Star - love visuals. I'm more excited to finish up with the Dresden. I've been working on a little table runner with some plates in them that I almost finished yesterday that I will have later in the week.

Have a Great Day!
Since I typed this post up Jenna made a collage of some of the blocks participants have turned in. When I opened it up this morning I was so happy to see the Churn Dash Redux block right there on her page! Happy dances when someone actually likes what I've done, besides me! Go check it out: Collage of Blocks


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