Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Final Solstice Stars

I'm sad to say my favorite quilt along has come to an end. I've been busy all month with Faith at Fresh Lemons Quilts making some really unique blocks. I've learned how to cut, make Half Square Triangles or HST's as the quilters call them, paper piece blocks which is actually sewing on paper and of course the obvious that I'm known to do is Sew.Rip.Repeat to some really great accuracy. First up is the last of the paper pieced blocks. It is called Star of Mystery. This block was so involved and it took alot of thinking and determination to be able to get this to the point where I liked it. You are actually sewing backwards and then flipping the fabric over. You have to really make sure you have plenty of fabric when you do the flip.

I tried to use the same fabrics as the Whirling Star Block. I really love this fabric line called "Sunny" from Joann Fabrics which is a local craft store. The yellows, grays, blacks and whites just pop!

Now the last block I actually did 2 times. I couldn't tell by Faith's sample how the colors were supposed to go because the pieces were so similar. I also couldn't wrap my brain around how it was going to look with certain colors of fabrics. I ended up playing it safe until I could see how other people on the Flickr group were doing it. The picture below is my first try at the Two Colors Star.

The block really is pretty even though this isn't what it is supposed to look like. The yellow pieces are actually supposed to continue down to the last HST. Since the block looks so different than what it is supposed to look like I changed the colors up for the correct version of the block. You'd never know they are actually the same blocks with the different fabric choices that I used.

Faith has some different versions on how you can finish these blocks and make them into a quilt but I think I'm going to continue on and try my hand at her Summer Sampler Series. The blocks in this series are the same size and I think they are quite similar that I just might be able to do something with all of them together. I don't have a clue what but we'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Have a Great Day!


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