Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quilt Show

I was asked by a good friend to go to a Quilt Show sponsored by the Great Lakes Heritage Quilters. I've never been to a quilt show and was so anxious to see all the different designs and quilts by people who are more proficient at this craft than me.

When we walked in we were greeted by beautiful quilts drapping the bannisters of the building. Some quilts were so old that they were tattered after being used and loved for so many years. Gloves were given so you could actually touch the quilts to get a better feel for the stitches that were involved. I was in awe of the beauty of these quilts and how different they became by changing out the fabric choices and colors. Below are the ones that stood out that I just loved.

These are just a few of my many favorites. In honor of the New York Beauty Quilt Along here are some quilts that caught my eye.

Aren't those beautiful! The scrappiness of the quilts is what really draws the eye. I love all the bright colors that they put into them. The NY Beauty QAL is going to be a challenge for me since I'm fairly new to quilting but I'm so excited to try it. I might be fooling myself into thinking I can do this but I'm going to try my best even if it means I have to Sew.Rip.Repeat numerous times. I actually think I'm going to use scraps to do this project. I'm more after the challenge of doing the block than making it for a purpose so I don't have to match a color scheme.

I'll have more later in the week of blocks I've finished and even what I bought at the Quilt Show.

Have a Great Day!


Celtic Thistle said...

Those quilts are beautiful, I love the tumbling cotton reels! The NY beauties are amazing. This QAL is definitely going to be a challenge but, hey, what's life without challenging yourself now and then?? Rest assured you are not the only one who will be ripping and repeating!

Very jealous of your quilt show trip with retail opportunities, nothing of that here!

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